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The JACKASS FIELD CARTS are designed for the competitive shooter to take the wear-and-tear out of getting guns and equipment to the point of competition or through a Sporting Clays course. The JACKASS FIELD CARTS are assembled from the finest components and materials available. The carriage and retaining brackets are made from 6061-T4 aluminum, .080-inches thick. The axle is 6061-T6 aluminum, .250-inches thick. The rear wheels are assembled on an aluminum hubs made from 6061-T6. There are 36 stainless steel spokes supporting a 20-inch 6061-T6 aluminum rims. The self-contained bearings are sealed and pressed into place to prevent dirt and debris from entering the bearings. The wheels are designed to be removable with half-inch diameter hardened steel pins with hardened ball-bearings and spring loaded pistons. The steel pins mate with hardened steel carriers that are precisely machined to length and threaded into the axle. This is the type of setup used on competition wheel chairs. The tires are for competition racing with high thread-count nylon casings and knobby design to assure traction and long life. The upright bars are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, 1.25-inches wide and .25-inch thick, held into place with .3125-inch zinc plated forged wing-screws and .25-inch zinc plated steel cross pins with spring retaining clips.


The J1-A JACKASS disassembles and folds down into a compact unit that fits easily into an automobile trunk (approximately 11 x 23 x 23"). The J1-A JACKASS has casters with four-inch solid urethane wheels with heavy duty bearings and seals which assure long life and extreme durability. The weight of a J1-A JACKASS is approximately 32- pounds. The shooter can substitute the casters with sleds made from 6061-T4, that are .090-inches thick, in the event the J1 JACKASS is going to be used strictly on rough surfaces - this reduces the overall weight by four pounds. The J1-B JACKASS is shipped without casters. The J1-C JACKASS has a removable cover the secures all of the components into place for airtravel or shipping. The J2-A JACKASS is sportier and more compact Field Cart. The J2-A JACKASS disassembles and folds down into a very compact unit (approximately 6 x 20 x 20") The weight of a J2-A JACKASS is approximately 18 pounds.

The J2-C JACKASS is shipped with a Model 90 case designed to contain all of the necessary components for airtravel or shipping. The retaining brackets are made from 6061-T4 aluminum .080-inches thick that are fitted with double-sided Velcro retaining straps. The brackets are padded with 2-pound density black ester foam and covered with black polypropylene carpet to cradle the guns and hold them firmly into place. The butt of the guns rest on a one-inch polypropylene high density block that is covered with black polypropylene carpet to help absorb shocks. The two brackets are adjustable to fit the configuration of the guns to be transported and held in place with two each, .25-inch zinc plated cross pens with spring retaining clips. Remember, the guns must always be transported unloaded! The JACKASS FIELD CARTS will carry three to five shotguns, varmint rifles, long-range competition rifles, archery bows, or black-powder rifles across a plowed dirt field, through a Sporting Clay course, to a target range, or to the Trap and Skeet range. The carriage on the J1 JACKASS has a compartment that also will transport a case of shotgun shells, your cooler, or whatever. The ratio of the handle length to the carriage length reduces the weight by 50%. The handle is offset approximately 30 at the top of the upright handle to provide ease in pulling the JACKASS FIELD CARTS.

The offset also assure that in the event you drop the handle the scopes on rifles or the weapon do not hit the ground. The JACKASS FIELD CARTS have a wide 20-inch wheel base to assure stability on rough terrain The upright handle is 42-inches above the center of the axle and provides excellent control. The large 20-inch rear wheels guarantee adequate clearance as the JACKASS FIELD CARTS are maneuvered into place. The JACKASS FIELD CARTS provides an extremely stable rack that will not tip over while you await your opportunity to shoot. We also have a folding stool that easily secures to the upright handle (AC9). The JACKASS FIELD CARTS comes with four 12-inch bungi-cord retainers. If you shoot Camp Perry or take serious your long range rifle shooting, Sporting Clay, Archery, Skeet or Traps, The JACKASS FIELD CARTS can give an advantage your fellow shooters do not have. There is a blue canvas bag (AC13) that can be ordered to that holds 100 fired shells, that attaches to the upper crossmember. There is also a VHS video available that demonstrates how the JACKASS FIELD CARTS assemble and function.

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